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What is the Lipsense Rave?

Better than Lipstick, it is a wet application to use in place of traditional Lipstick.  It dries quickly to lips and then resists water like a pro.  It is smudge proof (video proof below), kiss proof (yes you can kiss your man or little boys with nothing left behind).

One color tube lasts dozens of applications.  Depending how many layers you do (we’ll cover this in ‘How to apply’) one color tube can outlast 5 traditional lipsticks.  A matte gloss is required after applying the initial color.


How much does Lipsense Cost?

This depends on the ‘sponsor’ you buy it from.  Most sell each color for $25, a gloss for $12 and a starter kit for $55.  Anything less than this I would consider it a ‘discount’ or sale.  Anything more and you need to reconsider who or where you are buying it from!


What other Senegence products are good?

Their mascara eye liner does for eye lashes what Lipsense does for lips!  It is a great product and their second best selling one.  They also carry dozens of beauty products.  You can take a look at their store here.


How long has Lipsense / Senegence been around?

Senegence has been around since 1999.  They are the parent company of the product Lipsense.  They also have several other products in the health and beauty niche.  Founded by Joni Rogers, a funny video demonstrating their product in the 90’s can be seen below.  Why the latest craze then?  This is the funny part about Lipsense.  It has been around before social media for years and years!  Then, it recently has gone viral (because of the quality and applications) and now they are growing leaps and bounds as a company.  You can thank Facebook and Instagram for their new burst of growth.

How do I apply Lipsense?

Applying takes 2-3 minutes per a layer.  Most time waiting for it to dry before applying the gloss or next color.


Follow this tutorial guide right here:


How many colors are there to choose from?

Over 72 to choose from!  There are so many ways to mix it up with the colors and designs that the possibilites are endless.  Note – several colors are sold out right now due to high demand. 


How do you become a seller?

If you want to start selling Lipsense on your own you need to become a distributor.  Learn more by clicking on that link.  You can make around $10-15 per color sold, $25 on a starter kit.  The fun begins when you start getting sponsors of your own selling it to their friends and family.  You make anywhere from 5%-25% of their sales commissions.  It can really start adding up!


What comes in a starter kit?

Three items.  1 color of your choice Lipsense tube.  1 Gloss (glossy-gloss or matte) and 1 ‘Oops remover’.


How does one remove Lipsense?

If you make small mishaps you can quickly use the ‘Oops remover’ to remove the lip stain.  At the end of the day when you are ready to remove Lipsense off your full set of lips there is a variety of things you can use.  Coconut oil works well, Nutregena make up remover wipes work great (just carry some in your bag).  If you have any other tips to getting it off, please comment below.


Why do my Lips tingle when using this product?

Several girls have a hard time with Lipsense when they first try it out.  After a few minutes or hours their lips begin to tingle or some even say a ‘numbing’ feeling.  This is because some of the ingredients are alchoal based and can burn.  Best tip – keep trying it on!  The more you use it, the sooner your lips will be accustomed to it and the tingling will go away.  It can be a bit annoying for the first few wears though.


Where can I buy Lipsense online?

You can buy it in person from a distributor or sponsor.  Online you can buy it from a Senesite.  Senesites are websites paid for by distributors so they can sell their product online.  They can choose whether Senegence fulfills the orders or they do.  You usually pay with any major credit card or Paypal.


— PLEASE ADD ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE BELOW — I want everyone to contribute and help make this the biggest database available for those looking into buying or selling it.

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