Lipsense Distributor FAQs

How to start Selling Senegence Products on your own

FAQ Section of Becoming a Senegence Lipsense Distributor

I will do my best to cover the main questions women have before signing up to be a Lipsense distributor.  Anything I miss out on, please leave a question in the comment section below or help others out by answers other questions!  I am doing my best to make an online community full of questions and answers regarding Lipsense distributor.  Facebook is great but the posts are always coming and going so most have a hard time ever finding an old post.  Here, the answers will always stay = )


What is the fee for signing up?

$55.  This recently changed from $50 and I assume over the coming years it may continue to go up.  A $7.50 Shipping cost is also added.


  • What is included?  A kit with guides, marketing material and information about being a Senegence distributor.  This includes information about down lines, group sales bonus and car qualifications. DVD, business forms and handbooks.
  • Is it a one time fee?  It is an annual fee (once a year).  Not bad for running your own business!
  • Is a starter kit included?  No.  This can be confusing because a starter kit also costs around $50-60.  You can buy these from anyone selling Lipsense but it does not come as part of the $55 fee.

What is PV?  Monthly minimums?

There is ‘PV’ (point value) attached to all Senegence products.  As a distributor, you are required to do 100PV every 6 months to remain a distributor.  This is around $90-120 in product.  Look ladies, if you aren’t selling more than that every 6 months then this isn’t for you.  Every month I sell around 1500-2500PV myself.  Customers keep coming back to get more colors, glosses and then they bring their sisters, Mom, friends, cousins etc.


There is no monthly required order for customers.  Look, this is a BIG DEAL!  Most network marketing companies (take Melaleuca, Nerium, Amway for example) all require customers you sale the product to to make a monthly mininum order.  It is usually around $80-120 and customers hate this!  I have had people who had all their downline in Melaleuca join as a distributor and love this!

You are much more like your own store where customers can purchase as little or much as they want.  You are not signing them up for a monthly bill like all the other companies.


How do I sign up? What account type do I choose?

You can sign up to be a Lipsense distributor by clicking here.


  • Enter your Sponsors Distributor ID number (Here’s the best team I have found to date – Her name is Laken and she really cares about her team & helps them!)
  • Select account type.  Most likely ‘Individual’ account unless you already have a EIN/LLC made for this business.  You can update this later, start out as Individual with your SSN# as your tax ID.
  • Confirm that sponsor is correct
  • Complete form
  • I will send you out a ‘Welcome to the team’ email with 5 different attachments with information. I will also add you to exclusive Facebook pages (distributor only / invite only) groups. You are now part of the fastest growing team!


Tip – their website may be slow.  Be patient when loading!  Their servers have been overwhelmed with users as this product has gone viral. 


Am I allowed to sell in retail stores? What about Trade shows?

Women who do best selling Lipstick treat it as their own business!  This can be hard during the first few months because the money is small and it feels slow.  With that being said, YES, you can sell it anywhere you can get it into!


Several ladies already cut hair, run a Boutique or work at a spa/salon.  If you have ownership, then get some for sale right away!  If you work at a place, talk to the manager and work out a deal.  Even if the owner keeps all of the sales proceeds, make sure you can add a business card with your information so when they love using Lipsense they can then contact and sign up under you.


Be creative, get feisty.  Trade shows are a great place to showcase and demo the product.  Most booths run $200-400 for a couple of days.  Team up with another Network marketer in a different niche (doTerra etc.) and do work together!


How can I sell Lipsense when they are out of stock of most colors? 

This problem should dissolve with time.  The owner has let us all know that they are no longer relying on third party companies to make all of their Lipsense products.  Because the virality caught Senegence by surprise, they were not ready for the influx of orders.  When new colors come in stock, they get over 5000 orders a second from distributors!


By May to July of 2017 things should be much smoother.  However, I wouldn’t recommend waiting to sign up.  You can still snag a few colors and make starter kits, setup your marketing materials (FB, IG, Pinterest pages etc). and then as more stock comes in be ready to sell it fast!


I will continually add more FAQ regarding Senegence distributors ( also called “sponsors”) here.  Please add any questions below to help out!

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